Dutch Payroll Services

Dutch Payroll Services

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Did you decide to outsource the salary administration or are you considering the benefits of outsourcing? Salure offers quality, continuity, and excellent service. You are the one who decides on the scope of the service provision, which ranges from just checking the salary processing to outsourcing the entire salary administration. 

The Three Main Advantages of Outsourcing to Salure:


  • The continuity of the process is guaranteed;
  • You save time by placing out secondary processes;
  • Economies of scale provide cost benefits.

Shall we call you?

Assurance of Continuity by payroll services

‘One is none’, is a saying. This certainly applies to salary administrators. With only one or few administrators, you do not have any guarantee regarding the continuity of the payroll administration. However, by calling in Salure, you do have this guarantee! By outsourcing the payroll administration  you have access to a team of salary administrators. Such a team offers the following benefits to you:

  • Direct replacement of administrators during holidays or sickness;
  • No longer being dependent on one single person;
  • Continuous availability for questions.

The combination of payroll experts from Salure on the one hand and solid software on the other hand, makes the formula for an efficient and high-quality payroll administration. The professionals of Salure do have at least ten years experience, CPS- or VPS-level, and up-to-date knowledge of rules and regulations.

Service & Commitment are Key Concepts in Outsourcing
Many organisations have succeeded you in outsourcing their payroll administration to Salure. In all cases, this means that the quality of the payroll administration has been strongly improved, while in many cases the administrative expenses have been decreased.
Do you want your payroll administration to run smoothly, timely, and completely? Let you relieve by the professionals of Salure!