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New AFAS translation module: use InSite across the globe

From Arabic and Chinese to Spanish. With the new translation module for InSite, AFAS is now used without borders. Translate InSite into any desired language and manage the translations yourself. That makes international HR administration a lot easier!

AFAS offers many possibilities in the field of international HR automation. Now that Salure has enriched AFAS with a worldwide language database, you can use InSite in any language you want.

Add and edit languages

With Salure’s new translation module, administrators easily add languages to AFAS InSite via SalureConnect. The languages are immediately visible on the AFAS platform and users can select their own language. Whether it is Spanish, Italian, Chinese or Russian: everything is possible. The same InSite page can be displayed in a different language per employee.

Manage your own translations

With this module, you are independent of online translation machines. Your translations are secure and under your own control: no data is sent to external parties. Translations are yours only and you manage them yourself. As such, you can configure the translations to suit your organisation. Would you, for example, rather use the word ‘Sickness’ instead of ‘Sick leave’? No problem. Now you are in complete control.

The right text in the right place

The translation module does not translate texts word by word, but it translates whole sentences at a time. This ensures that your texts flow smoothly. Because you manage the translations centrally in the management module, you only need to keep track of them in one place. Is the translation correct in the management module? Then you know for sure that the same translation is used throughout AFAS. You instantly set the right translation in the right place. A great timesaver!

Get started with AFAS multilanguage

Do you work with AFAS and would you like to offer a better service to employees abroad? With Salure’s new translation module, you easily add new languages and employees quickly select their own language in InSite. Now you can use AFAS across the globe.

Would you like to learn more about this solution? Please contact us or  call  +31 182 543 643.

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