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Neways chooses international HR AFAS Salure

Neways Electronics chooses international HR solution from Salure and AFAS

Neways Electronics, founded in 1969, has selected the software and services of Salure and AFAS. The Eindhoven-based company will start working with the new system on 1 January 2023.
The international EMS specialist was in need of a new software solution that would match its international growth ambitions. The current HR landscape at Neways is difficult to oversee: HRM data is stored scattered in different regional systems that are not compatible. Eric Stodel, CEO at Neways Electronics: “Our Neways colleagues are the foundation of our global transformation to ‘OneNeways’. This requires a high level of quality in the set-up of our HR business processes, all the more so as it is our ambition to harmonize these processes further. This is why we went looking for a well-established HR system that can further professionalize our processes, enable us to optimally manage our employees’ data and provide our colleagues with good service.”
Top photo: Eric Stodel (left) and Jaco van Hengel (right)


By contracting AFAS and Salure, Neways opts for one central system that provides a complete overview of the international HRM data, but at the same time offers the flexibility to connect to local payroll providers. Jaco van Hengel, partner at Salure: “Neways has high growth ambitions. These ambitions require a professional HR infrastructure. Our joint solution with AFAS enables digitization, automation and standardization on a European scale. By deploying AFAS internationally, Neways gets insight into the total staff populations and salary costs through powerful dashboards.”

Convenience for employees

Neways Electronics is committed to efficient and modern business operations, and for this reason they have chosen AFAS. Joan Leeuwenburg is Corporate Head of HR at Neways and explains the choice: “The AFAS system offers us the required functionality and covers all important HR processes. It is also an HR system that has been implemented at various other companies with international branches and is integrated with relevant system domains such as Payroll and Time & Attendance. With a fresh look-and-feel and the use of the AFAS-app, our employees get insight into their own data and can easily handle matters such as leave and expense claims. We are looking forward to a successful implementation, supported by our partners at AFAS and Salure!”

A need for insight

With Neways as a new customer, AFAS Software continues its international growth. Dion Zeck, Sales Manager Corporate: “The current international HR ICT landscape of Neways consists of different systems. This means that data is recorded in different places and often multiple times. With the AFAS software, Neways gets access to one system where all data of all employees in the various countries is recorded in one place. This offers Neways the required insight across all countries, single data entry and optimization of processes through the use of workflows. And with AFAS InSite as international HR portal, Neways can further position itself as a modern employer. We are very proud that Neways, after a thorough selection, has chosen AFAS and Salure to support its international growth ambitions and look forward to the cooperation.”
meeting Neways Eindhoven
Meeting Salure and AFAS at Neways in Eindhoven

About Neways

Neways is an international operating System Innovator in electronics for automotive, industrial, medical and semiconductor applications. With more than 50 years of experience and over 500 engineers around the world, Neways develops, produces and maintains electronic products that contribute to the important themes of Environment, Society and Governance. Our technology and innovative strength is used in areas such as charging systems for electric vehicles, industrial automation, medical solutions and semiconductor equipment. Neways has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and the United States, with a total of 2,700 employees. In 2021, a net turnover of € 470 million was realized.

About AFAS Software

Work can be so much more fun and better. And with more consideration for society. In many organizations, people are spending their time on the wrong things. Unnecessary actions, double work, repairing errors: it’ s a waste of time and does not benefit the quality. The mission of AFAS Software is: inspire better business. AFAS does that with software and everything that is needed to use that software so that you accomplish a higher goal. Organizations have time left for what they really find important, quality and happiness at work.

About Salure

Salure has been a trusted AFAS partner in the field of international HR & Payroll for many years. Together with AFAS, Salure helps national and international organizations with payroll administration, consultancy, data analysis and smart software. Salure also develops its own software, SalureConnect. This platform gives organizations control of international HRM data through smart interfaces and dashboards.