Payroll in the Netherlands

Run a successful payroll administration for your employees in the Netherlands.

Payroll in the Netherlands

International payroll administration is a profession of its own. Are you looking for a payroll company in the Netherlands? Our specialists are here to help you out.

Based in Gouda, we take care of your company’s payroll processes in the Netherlands. With more than 300 clients, we offer tailor-made payroll solutions in every industry. Our services include:

  • Taking care of the entire payroll process for your Dutch offices
  • Connecting your local and international payroll/HR platforms
  • International payroll consultancy
  • Business Intelligence solutions


Please contact us and let us know what your challenge is. Our experts are happy to help.

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Download the free guide for everything you need to know for successful HR and payroll administration in the Netherlands.

✔ Unique aspects of Dutch payroll
✔ Laws and regulations
✔ Current payroll practices in the Netherlands

Our approach to payroll

Choosing Salure means choosing transparancy. A dedicated contact takes care of your payroll administration in the Netherlands. This way, efficient communication is guaranteed. In the background different administrators perform various checks to maintain a high quality standard.

Our own software, SalureConnect, integrates with popular HR and payroll platforms. This enables intelligent data analysis and dashboards for direct insight into your international payroll administration.

Salure is a payroll company that works as a team. We strive for a service that even exceeds expectations. By continuously evaluating what can be improved, we ensure a smooth collaboration. For both you and Salure, outsourcing payroll administrations means “progressing smart together“.

Get a grip on your Dutch payroll with Salure

Whether you want to outsource your German payroll or get a better grip on your German payroll: we are happy to think along with you. Get your free guide for more information or request no-obligation advice from our consultants.

Outsource your Dutch payroll from €5,50 p.p.

Choose security by outsourcing your Dutch payroll to Salure. This can be as little as €5.50 per employee per month for more than 1,750 employees. A higher rate applies for a smaller workforce. Please contact us for more information.

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The Ultimate Guide to Payroll in the Netherlands

Get your free guide full of useful insights into Dutch payroll.

✔ Unique aspects of Dutch payroll
✔ Laws and regulations
✔ Current payroll practices in the Netherlands

In control of global payroll

Want to get a grip on your international payroll? We link your central HRM system with a local payroll processor abroad of your choice. This way, your HR administration complies with local laws and regulations and you always pay out the correct salary on time. So no more worries about international payroll. 

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Collins Foods about Salure

"We liked the fact that we could place part of the payroll with Salure, pay a fee for it and keep the rest of the work with us. In total, this gave us a lower cost than working with an organization that did everything. We enter the mutations into the system. Then Salure checks and processes the changes to make sure everything on the payslips is correct.”

Why KFC-franchisee Collins Foods partners with Salure for its Dutch payroll

As an implementation and management partner of AFAS Software, Salure helps organizations to set up and manage AFAS’ administration software as desired. Collins has been outsourcing the HR and payroll administration of all its employees (currently around 1,500) to Salure since 2019.

In addition to the time saved for Collins by working with Salure and AFAS, they also find the communication pleasant. HR project coordinator Ajsa Dedic: “For example, I have one regular contact person, which is Daniëlle. If she goes on vacation, she tells us who we can contact for that long. So I never have to wonder which one of you I have to contact.”

The ticket tool also works positively, she believes. “I know when and for what I can use it. I always get a pretty quick response and a concrete solution.” Her manager Soyana agrees. “I fully concur with this. We have a flexible package where we can request additional services. As soon as we need them, they are delivered in less than 24 hours. We really like that.”

A few of our customers:

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