Slimme software en koppelingen besparen tijd en geld.

Slimme software en koppelingen besparen tijd en geld.

Slimme software en koppelingen besparen tijd en geld.

Connect AFAS to Successfactors

Combine Successfactors and AFAS data in one overview.

Integrate Successfactors and AFAS data in one overview.

Combine Successfactors and AFAS data in one overview.


Link AFAS with Successfactors

Combine data from different sources

By combining data from Successfactors with data from other systems, interesting conclusions can be drawn. Create a clear dashboard from Successfactor’s financial, personnel or project-based data that provides insight for management and personnel.


Direct insights with smart dashboards

The Successfactors dashboard can be merged and filtered in various ways. Information can be found for all locations, but also for a specific department, for the past year or only for the past month. It can be fully adjusted to your wishes.

Successfactors koppeling


Successfactors is a part of SAP. It is a Human Resource Management (HRM) system for in the cloud. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Successfactors offers the best solutions to the problem.

AFAS Successfactors connector

Stay in control

Easily manage the link between AFAS and Successfactors yourself on our SalureConnect platform. With the task scheduler you have 100% control over the tasks that the link performs:


  1. Progress tracking: See for each task what it does, when it is running and the last result.
  2. Logs: You have very detailed insight into which data has been transferred, which parts have failed and how long everything has lasted.
  3. Monitoring dashboards: See at a glance how often tasks have been carried out successfully, with errors, or have failed completely.

How we create the Successfactors dashboard

Our business intelligence specialist will work with you to set up the dashboards. This way, you get an overview that is as clear as possible. These dashboards can be used on a daily basis and provide important management information.

1. We link AFAS and Successfactors to SalureConnect to extract the data from the systems.


2. Then we transform the data to the same format. This makes it possible to compare the information.

3. We visualise huge amounts of data in comprehensible dashboards.    


4. We ensure that Successfactors and AFAS remain synchronised in real-time.


5. The synchronisation remains guaranteed thanks to active alerting and monitoring.

Cestronics koppeling AFAS

Connect AFAS with Successfactors

Interested in a link between AFAS and Successfactors? Feel free to meet a Salure advisor and get tailored advice.

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