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Salure Academy training

The English-language introduction training for AFAS InSite.

Working internationally with InSite

Online Salure Academy Training on May 23rd 2023

Of course, for Dutch HR staff, there are the AFAS training courses. But what if you are not fluent in Dutch and still want to manage payroll without worries with AFAS InSite? Then follow this introductory course with AFAS’ international partner: Salure Academy.

An employee relocates, another colleague gets a new bank account and a just-starting employee would like to have the right permissions. And you are supposed to take care of all this in AFAS InSite.

Where do you start? How exactly does InSite work and what are the concerns for international companies? Learn the smartest tricks from our experienced, international payroll consultants Amanda and Esmee and discover our wonderful translation plugin, for example. In short: take this two-hour online training course (in English) and work confidently in InSite from now on.

After this training:

✔ you will know how AFAS Insite works

✔ you will know the ins and outs of logging in;

✔ you will be able to create a new employee;

✔ you will know how apply your changes;

✔ you will be able to work with workflows;

✔ you will be able to report termination of employment;


In short: everything you need for proper payroll processing.

Everything you don’t learn at AFAS, PDL, VPS or CPS, you will learn at Salure Academy!

Do you have a question about this training? Then contact us via or call us at +31 182 543 643.


*This training will take place with a minimum of 10 participants.

Training Working internationally with AFAS InSite
Tuesday May 23rd 2023
10:00 to 12:00
Amanda Vleesenbeek, Consultant
Esmee Peters, Consultant
€ 250,- excl. VAT
International, English-speaking HR staff

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This is what your day looks like:
09.45-10.00 Digital walk-in
10.00-10.10 Introduction to InSite
10.10-10.25 Log in process
10.25-10.30 Workflow-oriented working
10.30-10.50 ESS
10.50-11.20 MSS
11.20-11.45 Entering employment
11.45-12.00 Exit assignment: employment termination reporting and evaluation

This training is provided by:

Amanda Vleesenbeek, Payroll Consultant at Salure Amanda Vleesenbeek is a payroll consultant specialising in international. Her work includes the development and design of international templates.

Esmee Peters, Consultant at Salure

Esmee Peters is a HRM Consultant at Salure and supports top companies in their (international) implementation of AFAS. 

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