Slimme software en koppelingen besparen tijd en geld.

Slimme software en koppelingen besparen tijd en geld.

Slimme software en koppelingen besparen tijd en geld.

Link Workday with AFAS

Combine AFAS and Workday data for efficiency and insight.

Combine AFAS and Workday data for efficiency and insight.

Combine AFAS and Workday data for efficiency and insight.


Connect AFAS with Workday

HRM and payroll data in one dashboard

By linking the HRM processes of Workday with AFAS Profit Payroll, you work even more efficiently and faster. You use one system for all data. Entries, mutations and management of employees do not have to be retyped or copied.


Automatic data flow from AFAS to Workday 

All this is done automatically via SalureConnect. Salure is ISO 27001 certified, so the data is well secured. In addition to the automatic data flow, you also benefit from a handy Workday dashboard.

Workday koppeling


One system for finance, HR and planning. Workday is active in many different industries and collects data for easy processing and analysis.

smart dashboard Workday

Powerful Workday dashboard

In addition to the data flow between the systems, the link also enables interesting reports. What are the total labour costs? How does this relate per location or country? And how many sickness reports were there last month? You easily see this in the Workday dashboard in SalureConnect.


Always current data from AFAS and Workday

The dashboards in SalureConnect are easy to understand and deliver quick results based on current figures. This gives you a much better picture of all the data in different systems. You combine as much data as possible in one dashboard, while filtering and selecting is simple. This way, you always have an up-to-date and complete picture of your data from Workday and AFAS.

What data is transferred?

It is important to properly determine how the connection should be set up. That is why an advisor comes by to make an action plan.


From Workday for example, employee data, declarations and fixed salary components can be sent to AFAS. From AFAS the wage costs and pay slips can be sent back to Workday.


After this has been determined, we connect the systems.

1. We link the systems to SalureConnect to extract the data from the systems.


2. Then we transform the data to the same format. This makes it possible to compare the information.

3. We visualise huge amounts of data in comprehensible dashboards.    


4. We ensure that the systems remain synchronised in real-time.


5. The synchronisation remains guaranteed thanks to active alerting and monitoring.

Cestronics koppeling AFAS

Connector Workday AFAS

Stay in control

Easily manage the link between AFAS and Workday yourself on our SalureConnect platform. With the task scheduler you have 100% control over the tasks that the link performs:


  1. Progress tracking: See for each task what it does, when it is running and the last result.
  2. Logs: You have very detailed insight into which data has been transferred, which parts have failed and how long everything has lasted.
  3. Monitoring dashboards: See at a glance how often tasks have been carried out successfully, with errors, or have failed completely.

Link AFAS with Workday

Are you interested in connecting AFAS with Workday? Have a Salure consultant meet and advise you without obligation.

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